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Schitt's Creek Christmas Card

It’s been a weird year is an understatement. So many wonderful memories of quality family time in new and creative ways. So much loss and sickness. An abundance of ugliness and partisan divide. A new Bon Jovi album and a new Springsteen album released a week apart. Movie theaters closing left and right. Aaron Sorkin’s new movie was released straight to Netflix – Wonder Woman 1984 is going straight to HBO Max. Guitar Center is going bankrupt. I’ve built five custom guitars this year. Schitt’s Creek released it’s final season. Schitt’s Creek won nine Emmy’s!

My favorite Hawkins family tradition is celebrating the birth of Jesus by sharing a little family fun with pop culture. Take a look at last year’s card HERE and all the previous years HERE. After a discussion laying out all our ideas and options, here it is… Check out our Schitt’s Creek Christmas Card:

Here’s a look at the scene that inspired the Schitt’s Creek Christmas Card.



I miss movies…  but even with so few options, I have to do it.

My Top 8 Favorite Movies of 2020

8 Enola Holmes

7 Bad Education

6 Let Him Go

5 Underwater

4 The Invisible Man

3 Tenet

2 The Gentlemen

1 The Trial of Chicago 7


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