A few words about us

Marshall Hawkins began his education at the University of Central Oklahoma in the Fall of 2000. In his second semester he took a Basic Photography course where he learned the fundamentals in composition and lighting as well as the mechanics of the camera and lab equipment. Towards the end of the same semester he had started Marshall Hawkins Photography, specializing in onsite senior portraits. He went on to major in business management, taking other photography courses as electives as well as working an internship at a Brakebill Photography Studio in Oklahoma City. By the time he graduated college, he had served over two hundred high school seniors as well as gaining experience photographing families, weddings, the engaged, brides, little league sport teams, party pics, and rock bands.

In 2005, Marshall began work with a financial advisory firm, continuing to labor his passion for photography during nights and weekends. He began to focus the majority of his attention to the art of capturing the romance and delicacies in the American wedding. He also began making great strides in the post production phase, pushing the envelope with the capabilities of Photoshop.

In August, 2009 Marshall took on a partner in both business and in life when he married Amy Mueller. He taught her everything he knew as she assisted him in the shooting of weddings, brides, the engaged, and seniors.

Sundance Photography was created in August, 2009 when Marshall and Amy began serving clients as a team. Since, their wedding photography has been elevated to a completely new level. Two cameras in front of two creative minds allows them to capture the event from two different perspectives, giving the client complete coverage of one of the most important days of their lives.