A Look Back On Our Christmas Cards

Christmas Card

Decorating. Chevy Chase’s  Christmas Vacation.  O Come All ye Faithful.  Darigold Non-Alcoholic Eggnog. Our most dearest, fighting for space on top of our fireplace.  And preparing our annual themed Christmas Card. I love this time of year.

This year is like the rest except one thing… I hate announce it but if there is any justice in the world Shutterfly.com is getting a big lump of coal in their stocking. With expedited shipping, we were “GUARENTEED” December 11. Here we are on December 19, I am not proud to admit that I spent part of my day yesterday on the edge of my seat, watching our cards move from Phoenix to Goodyear and back to Phoenix.  Their customer service elves have been fine (they followed the script) but I don’t think they understand just how badly their employer failed… multiple times.  I have professional labs on call, who do amazing work, but I have used Shutterfly every year for our Christmas card (and I have recommended their cards to many of you) because they have done a fine job in the past and I am a sucker for tradition. Sadly, I will not be using or recommending Shutterfly again. Best of luck to them. Rant over. Holiday spirit refilling.

Back to my point… some of you may not be receiving our card this year OR it might just be late. Regardless, I will be posting our 2019 Christmas Card here tomorrow (You can now see it by clicking HERE). And to build anticipation, I wanted to look back on year’s past. And while you are here, take a look around our new site. Check out our Wedding Gallery and Family Gallery and the fun stuff can be found in ART for ART’s Sake. A big THANK YOU to Back40 for a great job! Starting with last year’s Goldberg Card…

2021 – Squid Games

2020 – 2020 was a Schitt year

2019 – Home Alone II

2018 – The Goldberg’s Christmas Card

2017 – Christmas Vacation Christmas Card

2016 – A Christmas Story Christmas Card

2015 – Star Wars, Christmas Star Card

2014 – Home Alone Christmas Card

2013 – Super Heroes Theme Christmas Card

2012 – OUR FIRST FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARD! The Brady Bunch Christmas Card

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