2019 Christmas Card is here!

Christmas Card

First, this season’s warmest wishes from Sundance Photography and the Hawkins Family. We wish you an awesome 2020! Now drum roll please. Allow me to share with you our first (and only) sequel as a family Christmas card, Home Alone 2.

Funny Home Alone 2 Christmas Card 2 Idea

If you, like the front page of the Hawkins Herald, are questioning, “is this the best they’ve got?” The answer is, yes and no. We really wanted to do “_______________” but I just couldn’t get it to work this year. Maybe next year. Plus, I have been thinking about a Home Alone 2 card for a few years and with the boys getting so big, this is probably the last year we could have pulled it off.  Check out our first Home Alone card from back in 2014 and other themed Christmas cards by clicking HERE. Here’s to 2020. “Merry Christmas you filthy animal.”

Best Movies of 2019

In keeping tradition, the 10 best movies of 2019 are below… but first let me say, it’s a weird year when Scorsese gangster film isn’t number one and a Tarantino movie doesn’t crack the top ten. It’s a weird year indeed.

Honorable Mention: Yesterday

Honorable Mention: Us

Honorable Mention: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

10) Marriage Story

9) It Part II

8) Joker

7) Irishman

6) Knives Out

5) Ready or Not

4) Ford v Ferrari

3) Doctor Sleep

2) Parasite

1) Avenger’s Endgame

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