My Self Portrait 2 109-10-2

Hi, I'm Marshall...

...and if you see me walking down the street, you probably also see two handsome little guys (one making a funny face and the other acting too cool for school) and a beautiful woman whose pinkie finger is locked with mine. They are my everything. I am their biggest fan and I own all of their records.

Besides my family, my passion grows in the arts. I am a huge movie buff and I am a collector of everything Bon Jovi and Stephen King. I play guitar. I write songs. I take pictures. I am completely miserable unless I am being creative.

I received my first photography award in 4th grade, and since then I’ve gained decades of experience shooting just about everything. In my portrait work, I really get a kick out of helping people see just how beautiful they are. I love capturing relationships; the smallest nuances to the biggest embrace. I enjoy being complex and creative and I enjoy being beautifully simplistic all in the same session. In my commercial work, I take pride in helping a business put their best foot forward by shooting their product in a creative and flattering way.

While I take my art seriously, I also aim to please. I want to know about you. I want to know what you want and I want to exceed your expectations.